Webinar : Boost Your Business with Check Point's Sales Toolbox

03/05/18 10:30 – 03/05/18 11:30 On line

Adresse : Webinar

JEUDI 3 MAI, 10h30Webinar animé par Check Point, en anglais

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, in today’s competitive landscape, companies must provide their customers with instant feedback and act fast on new opportunities in order to remain relevant. This is why Check Point is constantly inventing new tools to make your work easier and quicker.

Introducing Check Point’s Sales Toolbox:

  • CheckMe
  • Security CheckUp- including new GDPR compliance assessment
  • Emerging Technologies training- free and online!
  • DemoPoint
  • SmartMove


Join the discussion to learn how these tools can generate leads, increase your ease of doing business, and position your company as a security expert, by following just a few simple steps.




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